Summer 2012 Interns

LEJ 2012 Internstop row: Victor Geminiani, Morwenna Steinerson, Zach DiIonno, John Schemitsch
bottom row: Daylin-Rose Gibson, Taryn Kaili, Paoakalani Montgomery, Johanna Sanchez, Weiqi Tang, Yonatan Herzbrun


Zach DiIonno, 3L UH Richardson School of Law
Daylin-Rose Gibson, 2L UH Richardson School of Law
Yonatan Herzbrun, 2L Brooklyn Law School
Taryn Kaili, 4th year, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paoakalani Montgomery, 2nd year Harvard College
Johanna Sanchez, 3L Cornell Law
John Schemitsch, 2L Fordham University School of Law
Morwenna Steinerson, 2L City University of New York School of Law
Weiqi Tang, 2L Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law


Aging Out Foster Children: Identify the rights and resources available to youth aging out of foster care and research the use of technology and social media to improve communication.
School Discipline: Analyze the disciplinary practices in Hawaii’s public schools to determine the causal link between high rate of suspensions and expulsions in schools with high Native Hawaiian, low-income and immigrant student populations.
School Breakfast: Evaluate a model of providing school breakfast in the classroom to all students, particularly those who are not able to have a meal before school starts.
Immigrant Rights Manual: Develop a training module for immigrants and caseworkers on various legal rights of immigrants.
HPHA Resident Councils: Compile relevant policy information for tenant education on proper, effective Resident Council formation and operation.
HPHA Conditions and ADA compliance: Identify public housing projects in deterioration and failing to comply with tenant requests for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Native Hawaiian Issues: Survey Native Hawaiian community to determine systemic barriers to self achievement.
Tax Policies: Research options for on tax policies that are supportive of the needs of the the low income populations.
Appleseed Network Activities: Compile information of the activities of the 17 Appleseed centers to determine potential for replication in Hawaii.
Playgrounds and Community Gardens: Gain information, develop partnerships and identify funding for the creation of community gardens in Kuhio Park Terrace and Kuhio Homes public housing projects.
English Language Learners: Evaluating the adequacy of the Department of Education’s administration of English Language Learner (ELL) programs at the local school level by examining teacher qualification data, teacher turnover rates, and relevancy of ELL curriculum.
Streamlining Government Services for Low-Income populations: : Investigate the progress and applicability of experimental innovations in mainland states’ efforts to streamline government services to improve access by low-income working families.
Homeless Outreach: Conduct extensive outreach to the homeless community to determine their needs and interests.
Alternative Housing Options: Survey barriers to and solutions for long-term affordable housing options for the homeless community.
Tenancy Readiness Modules: Research models for tenant readiness training in anticipation of permanent shelter.
Disparate Impact of the Hawaii criminal Justice System on Native Hawaiians: Research practical solutions to the disparate impact on Native Hawaiians in the criminal justice system.
State and Federal Protections for Fishing Boat Crews: Research legal protections for fisherman and identify problems experienced by fishing crews in Hawaii that are registered by foreign entities.