State of Poverty 2016

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In April 2016, the Hawai‘i Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice released a report entitled “The State of Poverty in Hawai‘i: How Hawai‘i’s Residents Are Faring Post-Recovery.” The report brings together the most recent available data to provide a snapshot of how low-income residents have fared after the economic recovery.

While some indicators have improved, families continue to struggle. Hawai‘i has the highest cost of living but the…

Financial Struggles of Hawaiʻi’s Working Families

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Hawaiʻi Appleseed’s 2016 survey found that almost half of Hawaiʻi residents describe their financial situation as surviving “paycheck to paycheck.” The vast majority flag high housing costs and low wages as major concerns as well as support tax credits that let working families keep more of what they earn.

The telephone survey of 503 Hawaiʻi residents, conducted by QMark Research in February 2016, revealed the…

Hawai‘i’s Affordable Housing Crisis

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Hawaiʻi Appleseed has released a report, “Hawai‘i’s Affordable Housing Crisis: The High Cost of Our Affordable Housing Shortfall,” that details the severity of Hawai‘i’s housing shortage and the financial strain it places on our working families, compiling the facts and figures that illustrate the dire housing situation facing Hawai‘i. To read the entire report, click here.

Housing is considered “affordable” when a household spends less…

Accessory Dwelling Units

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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are an important solution to the affordable rental housing crisis in Hawaiʻi. Accessory dwelling units are small, separate living areas with their own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space that can be built on single family lots and may be attached or detached from a main house. To read the entire report, click here.

Why ADUs?

ADUs create rental housing: On Oahu,…

Reimagining Housing in Hawaiʻi

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In November 2013, Hawaiʻi Appleseed released a report entitled Reimagining Housing in Hawaiʻi, detailing successful affordable housing models like microunits, ʻohana housing, modular housing, among others. These models have been successful in places as diverse as the Bronx, Seattle, Santa Cruz, Alabama, and Amsterdam.

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Hawaiian Hope: Native Hawaiian Issues Project Report

In Summer 2012, two of Hawai‘i Appleseed’s interns researched various legal issues encountered by Native Hawaiians. This report summarizes their findings.…